Apscade is the provider for this website and owns the domain name and the software that this website is hosted on. A copy of Apscade's Privacy Policy is below or available at www.apscade.com/privacy/:

Apscade Privacy Policy

Apscade may update this policy at any time. This policy is in effect from: 12th March 2014

Personal Information

Apscade may collect your information online via web forms in order to offer its software development and websites service to you.

Your personal information is stored in the United States and Australia on our web hosting service providers. Our web hosting service provider located in the United States may be able to access your personal information.

You may request access to your information by emailing enquiries@apscade.com. We will let you know if we cannot provide you with your information.

Other information we collect

We may collect and store information in a de-identified form. Such information includes the record of http-request metadata your web browser sends the web server when you visit a website. This includes your IP address, type of Web Browser, Operating System and the time of access. This information is stored in the United States and Australia. The purpose of this collection is to keep our websites secure and up to date by analysing what devices access our websites.

Information Security

When you connect to our websites your web browser will be asked to use the https protocol. This is a secure way to exchange information online and is supported by all major browsers. You can verify you are using the https protocol by looking for a padlock icon in your web browser. Selecting this icon will tell you the method of information exchange your browser is using with our website.

Breaches and Requests

We believe we have taken reasonable steps to protect your information from unauthorised access and while its unlikely, it's still possible that your information could be accessed by methods out of our control. In all instances we are aware of it and if permitted by law we will notify you of any breach or disclosure of your information.


Cookies are small amounts of data that a website can store on your computer if your Web Browser has cookies enabled. Cookies are used on our websites to authenticate a user's session or to allow our software to remember some things for you. You have the option of disabling cookies in your web browser at any time, however some functions may not work without cookies enabled.

You may address any questions to the Privacy Officer by emailing enquiries@apscade.com

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