Mar 2023

Our website service has reached end of life and will be closing June 30, 2023. Thank you for being our customer.

Oct 2022

Our websites are secured by certificates issued by Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA. Please always use a secure protocol when accessing our websites and keep your systems up to date.

July 2021
It has never been easier to create a gift list online. Fill in our registration to create an account then create a gift list page. In our demo site we added three example gifts to buy us so you can try this feature out. View our example gifts

June 2020
Build a website and web app with Apscade Builder.
4.5 years and counting. Apscade Builder maintains its low price even during these tough economic times. Full feature list here | Try now

May 2018
It has never been easier to start the ball rolling on your custom software. Fill in our questionnaire to start the build process.

June 2017
Updated Builder available now. Read more

May 2017
A good backup method will keep your data safe. But how can we protect data, no matter where it is? With all those bad programs around we have found the need to improve the 321 backup method. We have created a script that will keep your data safer than a regular backup. It helps protects data at the source, where it is created. All you have to do is browse to Apscade Secure Backup, follow the instructions and get a more secure backup method that protects data no matter where it is.

November 2016
Apscade is inviting you to share your interests with the world. All you have to do is browse to Share your interests, comment and then discover how you could create your own comment page like the one we have here.

April 2016
Security updates released for TV Guzzler and Piranha Challenge.

December 2015
Today Apscade is launching it's new online ideas hub 'Awesome Ideas.' This website has our 'Save for offline viewing' feature so you can save it to your device like a Web App. Explore Awesome Ideas and discover how to create your own gift list or eBook Web App.

December 2015
The holiday season is almost here so gifts are on everyone's mind. Now you can create your own interactive gift list with Apscade Builder! Simply register here for your free trial and create your naughty list to share with your friends. View Santa's Naughty List to demo this feature. Read How to create an online gift list for a step by step tutorial on how to do this yourself.

November 2015
Apscade support software can now be downloaded from apscade.com/support. Remote access software is provided to help solve your PC and Mac dilemmas on Saturday in Australia. 10am - 4pm (AEST) Email to schedule an appointment.

September 2015
Price Drop: Apscade Builder now $45 AUD per year. Register for a free trial here

May 2015
Patch to Piranha Challenge on Android addresses a security issue.

April 2015
Unlock unlimited design potential! Save your Apscade website offline into a Web App! Add your own Javascript, CSS, PDFs, images and videos to your website using Apscade® Builder. Try it today
Read more in our features list.

October 2014
Apscade Saver 2 update available for iPhones and iPads that run iOS8. Get it on the App Store

August 2014
Updated Builder available now. Read more

June 2014
This month we have released a new finance app! TV Guzzler v1.1 is out now. Visit the website for more details or check out TV Guzzler in the App Store.

March 2014
Apscade Builder available now. Includes 30 day trial. Try it today

December 2013
Apscade Piranha Challenge available for Free on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. A game where you must eliminate all piranhas but 3 of the same color before the time runs out. Includes 100 puzzles, highscores, best times, and times tables problems.
Get it on the App Store
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December 2012
Apscade Saver 2 released for iPhones and iPads. Get it on the App Store

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